Parslip's Tyranny of Dragons

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The game started with the PCs coming upon the town of Greenest. It was under assault by a small army of kobolds, humans and a smattering of other humanoids. More importantly though, it was being attacked by a large blue dragon!

The PCs entered town and beat up the first group of kobolds they saw. Then they decided to pretend to be bandits and managed to make their way past several bands of rampaging thugs.

However, they came across a family being chased by kobolds, with only the mother able to defend them. She wielded a broken spear and a small shield, but would still be no match for the kobolds. The PCs stepped in and saved her.

She introduced herself as Linan Swift, and her injured husband as Cuth Swift. The PCs escorted her and her family to the keep, picking up other stragglers along the way. Eventually a group of thugs caught on that the PCs were not what they seemed, and a small melee ensued. The PCs defeated them and made it to the keep just as the gates were being closed.


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